ICT Project Award

AIS adopts the Projoject-Based Learning to approach all subject areas. We believe it is a very powerful method in achieving our educational goals and teachings students skills that last for life. The following students were [...]

مسابقة حفظ وتلاوة القرآن الكريم

مدارس الرواد العالمية تحقق مراكز متقدمة في مسابقة حفظ وتلاوة القرآن الكريم، وقد شارك في المسابقة 16 مدرسة عالمية على مستوى الرياض، واستضيفت في مدارس المنارات العالمية. الطلاب الفائزون اسم الطالب الصف الأجزاء المركز محمود [...]

KG3 Graduation Ceremony

Dear Mothers of KG3, We are kindly inviting you to share the joyful moments of graduating KG3 Students Class 2016-2017.

AIS Students Visit Al-Ahsa Governorate

In cooperation with the Saudi Commission for Tourism, AIS organized a free trip to Al-Ahsa Governorate. Accompanied by school teachers and local guides, 45 students of Grade 7 & 8 enjoyed a memorable time of [...]

AIS wins 2nd in Kingdom Archery Championship

On Saturday 29/4/2017, our archers took part in the 3rd Stage of the Kingdom Archery Championship organized and hosted by the Saudi Archery Federation. Among the six participants from AIS, Mohamed Yaser, 7C, shot his [...]

الطالب أحمد ميرغني في تصفيات تحدي القراءة

تهنئ مدارس الرواد العالمية ابنها النجيب الطالب أحمد ميرغني دفع الله بالصف الحادي عشر على صعوده إلى التصفيات النهائية في مسابقة تحدي القراءة على مستوى المملكة. وقد أنهى الطالب قراءة خمسين كتابًا باللغة العربية، وناقشه [...]

مسابقة تاج النور للقسم الإبتدائي

تكريم الفائزين في مسابقة تاج النور للقسم الإبتدائي في حفل بمسرح المدرسة و بحضور الأمهات العزيزات. مبارك عليكم الفوز و بارك الله في جهودكم .  

Al-Rowad Talents’ Product Exhibition

During the first ever Al-Rowad Talents’ Product Exhibition, Primary students had a joyful time learning about what their peers had manufactured. The Exhibition featured fragrances, floor/glass cleaners, bedding fragrance spray & cream. The showcased products [...]

The 2nd Saudi Saudi Archery Championship

AIS Archery team have taken part in the 2nd Saudi Saudi Archery Championshiphosted at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium. In the first ever participation, the team of four archers won 3rd for AIS while individually [...]

Aquaculture Project

AIS considers that aquaculture offers an effective tool for teaching science and an excellent vehicle for project-based learning (PBL). Aquaculture is interdisciplinary — understanding how it functions requires a grasp of applied skills in physics [...]

Dental Check-up

In cooperation with Estishari Dental Center, a free dental check-up was administered on students at Boys Section. Taking care of your teeth means more than brushing and flossing. For complete care, it is important to [...]

International Student Trip to Europe

Today, our top-achievers of grade 12 set off on a trip to Europe (Italy, Switzerland and Germany). Each year, AIS sends the 12-graders top-achievers abroad to help them taking a decision of a lifetime, what [...]

Best PE Trainer Award

This winter, Al-Yamamah University hosted the 7th indoor football Contest for high school students in Riyadh. At the end of the event, our head of PE Department, Mr. Mohamed Gamal, received the Best PE Trainer [...]

MG Classroom Monitors

AIS takes a number of measures to instill confidence intro students. Each year, elections are held to nominate classroom monitors. Being a monitor is not just a privilege, it is more of a responsibility role. [...]

G7 Math Tournament

This March, AIS organizes mathematical contests for Grade 7 students at the Boys Section. Supervised by the Math teacher Mr. Ahmed Shahin, the tournament strives to encourage mathematical exploration and understanding by introducing concepts to [...]

Celebrating the Winners of French Language Contest

As an international school, AIS takes every measure possible to foster students’ language acquisition skills. For that end, the French Department carried out a contest for Grade 7 to add a sense of competition in [...]

Girls’ Section- Primary Open Day

Grades 1&2 are enjoying their open days through this week!! The play ground is packed with different games for the students .

قسم البنات- الصفوف العليا برنامج صلاتي نور حياتي

أقامت طالبات الصف العاشر و التاسع برنامجاً عن الصلاة تحت عنوان " صلاتي نور حتاني" بإشراف من قسم التربية الإسلامية. و حضر اللقاء طالبات الصف الثاني عشر و الصف الحادي عشر و عقد لقاء آخر [...]

Girls’ Section- Upper Grade First Annual Poetry Recitation Competition

The English Department held the First Poetry Recitation Competition for Grades 7&8. The competition was held in the school's Auditorium, the students of 7G performed a play " Anne Green Gables" The Winners of the [...]

Riyadh Swimmers win 2nd in Junior Sports Competition

The Riyadh Swimming team swam their way to the second place in the 1st Junior Sports Competition. Hosted by Al-Ahsa governorate from 28/2/1438 to 5/3/1438 AH, the multi-sport event features tournaments between junior teams of [...]

Dismissal timing for Grades 4 to 12 students during the Final Examination

Dear Parents of Grade 4 to 12, Assalaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh.   This is to notify you that the dismissal timing for Grades 4 to 12 students during the Final Examination Weeks, from [...]

Girls’ Section – Spelling Bee Competition Winners

We are proudly announcing the names of the winners of the spelling Bee Competition held with Al Forsan International School. Congratulations Girls!!! we are so proud of you and we appreciate all your efforts The [...]

Girls’ Section- Winners of the Jumping Rope Competition

The P.E Department held Jumping Rope Competition between the students of grades 4 and 5 . The Final winners from each grade are Nour Alkharaz    4D and Doaa Imad    5B. More competitions will [...]

The Khwarizmi Kid of Arrowad

الخوارزمي الصغير يوسف القصيباتي يفوز بالمركز الثاني على العالم في مسابقة الخوارزمي في كوريا. نسأل الله أن يوفقه من نجاح إلى نجاح. Representing KSA, the young Khwarizmi, Youssef Kusibati, the Khwarizmi Kid of Arrowad, is [...]

KG Hygiene Competition Winners

The KG section held  Hygiene Competition between KG classes. The Competition promoted  daily hygiene habits between the KG students. KG1 FIRST WINNER : Honey Bear T.Abeer Fraij A. Marwa Abdukader SECOND WINNER : Cotton Candy [...]

Girls’ Section- Primary Activity “When Drawing on the Walls is O.k”

Primary Students had joyful time drawing on the Walls of their playground !! The students drew or wrote about them selves and their families and friends. It was great to show how these little ones [...]

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