Welcome to Kindergarten


Dear Parents                                                                                                     

The start of school is an exciting time in a young person’s life. I am happy to welcome you to Al Rowad International School. I am looking forward to having your child in my Kindergarten class this academic year 2015-2016. The children’s’ enthusiasm and energy offers great challenges. I look forward to my year with them and with you, too. I really hope your child is excited about beginning the school year. Shortly all of the anxieties about the “newness” will soon disappear and we will all be having such a great time as we start learning our routines and making friends to enjoy throughout the year.

What to Bring to School
Your child will need to bring a backpack to school every day. Please check the contents of this backpack daily! I will give each child a folder to keep any papers that we may have completed in school, as well as any important notes that come from the office or me. This folder needs to be sent back to school every day. An extra labeled set of clothes is a must.It would be excellent if each family could purchase a tissue box, a box of pencils, a set of wooden colors, 2erasers, a sharpener, a sketch book for art, a plastic file, a packet of wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer. Please make sure all of your child’s belongings are clearly labeled. Thank you in advance.

Communication between home and school
I am anxious for our “team approach” concerning your child’s education. We all have the same goal for your child to be happy, challenged, comfortable, and secure at school. We need to work together in order for your child to reach maximum success. The student communication diary is our liaison between you, your child’s subject teacher, as well as myself.Writing notes or calling are great ways to share information with me. Please call anytime you are unsure about something.  I will be sending you my free timing soon.

ABSENCES – Your child must bring in a signed note when he or she has been absent or is late. If absence is due to any illness, a medical report is to be submitted to me.  I need to keep accurate records for each child.

KG Doctor on Duty: We are pleased to have a full-time doctor on duty to assist your child with any needs. Our doctor will be more than delighted to receive your calls during school timings.          Dr. Mona #0539400286

Paper I.D: Before removing your child from school prior to regular dismissal times, you must pass through the KG reception, present proper I.D. and sign the register.    

School Uniform: Your child must attend school daily wearing his/ her school uniform.

Transportation: – Please clarify by note any changes about the way your child is transported to and from school. This is important information regarding the safety of your child. Make sure your child understands his or her mode of transportation each day.

Hygiene:Please send your child to school with proper hygiene. Nails must be trimmed, hair combed/pulled back, teeth brushed etc.

Snack-Please send your child’s snack box each day, labeled with your child’s name & class. Make sure you send a healthy snack with your child. We don’t allow any chocolate, candy or any junk food in school.

Please send juice boxes only because thermoses, bottles or cans lead to large spills for our little ones and learning time is lost each day cleaning up our room.

Toys – Please keep all toys at home unless it is your child’s turn for “Show and Tell”. Also, try to limit jewelry as it often breaks upsetting the child, or they misplace it.

There is nothing more important than the success of your child. We’ll work together to help your child do his/her best in Kindergarten. After all, “everything we ever really needed to know we learned in Kindergarten.”May Allah make the beginning of this year righteous the middle fruitful & the end prosperous.Ameen


KG Teacher


Al-Rowad International Schools