Remedial Schedule

What is Remedial Education?

  • A specific method of instruction/teaching;
  • Based on specific deficits in the performance of a child;
  • Starts after collecting relevant information about the child’s performance;
  • Develops on the strengths;
  • Fills in the gaps in learning;
  • Enables child to achieve academic skills.

Benefits of the Remedial Programme:

  • Students will receive learning activities and practical experiences according to their abilities and needs.
  • Class size will be small. “The idea is for your child to get more individual attention than is possible in a large class.”
  • Well-designed learning environment helps to maintain pupils’ attention and interest in learning.
  • Geared to the learning needs of individual pupils, the Programme aims to reinforce the foundation of learning, helps pupils overcome their learning difficulties and develops their potentials.
  • Remedial teachers will help pupils develop good learning habits and attitudes.
  • Students will be helped to master basic self-learning skills and abilities, such as note taking and reading skills.
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