Primary School


The AIS has an educational program based on both the American and the British curricula. Positive points which are most prominent in each curriculum have been taken and blended in a balanced and integrated manner, taking into consideration our objectives and values which stem from our culture and global outlook.

The primary grades 1-3 has adopted the most up-to-date American series of textbooks (Scott Forsman from Pearson), which are based on the latest teaching techniques in education, science and technology. The teacher is provided with a detailed manual for each subject and class she teaches as well as adequate preparation for each unit including aids and ready to do experiments and assessment kits. All these facilitate the work of the teachers and help perform their duties efficiently.

AIS has adopted the class teacher system for the KG and the first three grades so as to achieve integration in the educational experience. The homeroom teacher will teach core subjects. Other duties include general duties be available and approachable, setting tones of friendship, get to know each and every student characteristics, monitor behaviour, maintain records, etc.

AIS Primary School

Homework Assignments

Homework and classwork assignments should be completed neatly, carefully, and on time. Students should work to their full potential. If a child experiences difficulty in completing an assignment with “good cause”, the child’s parent should explain the situation to the teacher with a short note or phone call. The teacher may decide to excuse the student, allowing extra time to complete the assignment.

Assessment & Evaluation

We apply continuous assessment model. Our students are evaluated continuously throughout the academic year. They usually have small quizzes after each unit or chapter. Primary teachers use different techniques and tools to assess their students. A Report card that reflects the student’s level is sent twice a semester. It is very important that parents read the report cards and sign them.

Primary School Dress Code

It is mandatory for your children to wear the school uniform as provided by the school on a daily basis without exceptions.

  • Boys: Dark blue trousers and light blue shirts.
  • Girls: A dark blue pinafore, and a long-sleeved, pink and white striped blouse.
  • Closed shoes and socks must be worn. Sandals or slippers are not allowed.
  • When students have classes then the appropriate clothing required for their physical Education classes must be worn.
  • PE uniform: Dark blue sweatpants with a white T-shirts (half-sleeves) and sneakers are mandatory.
  • The uniform shop called (Al-Abdulkarim) carries the uniform with the emblem on the shirt and the t-shirt.
  • The wearing of chains is not permitted.
  • Short trousers are not permitted.
  • Skirts or dresses are not permitted.

Primary Curriculum Outline

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