AIS transportation fleet consists of over 150 air-conditioned busses covering almost all major areas in Riyadh including:

AlAndalus, AlJazirah, AlMalqa, AlYarmuk, Alamal, AlAqeeq, AlMorooj, An Nada, Arka, As Safarat, Cordoba, Dhobbat, Diriaya, Ezdehar, Fakheriya, Falah, Fouta, Ghadeer, Gharnata, Hamra, Housing National Guard, Imam University, Irqah, Ishbeeliya, Jareer, Khaleej, Khozama, King Abdulla, King Fahad, King Faisal, King Saud University, Malaz, Maoathar, Maseef, Moatamarat, Mogharrazat, Mohammadiya, Mohaya, Morabba, Morsalat, Nafl, Nakheel, Namouthajiya, Nasseriya, Northern AlMoathar, Nozha, Olaya, Om Alhamam, Princess Nourah University, Quds, Rabea, Rabwa, Raed, Rahmaniya, Raiyan, Rawaby, Rawdha, Sahafa, Salah Addeen, Salmaniya, Taawon, Wady, Waha, Washm, Wazarat, Woroud, Yasmeen, Zahraa, and many other areas.

If you wish to register in a transportation plan and your designated geographic area is remote or isn’t listed above, then talk to the Transportation Department at the AIS Schools.

The transportation service is provided to over 40% of the school community (mainly to students and staff members) in three options: pick-up, drop-off or two-way. The enrolment in this service can be done after admission to the schools. The registration staff will help you enter your accurate address and your location in Google maps to the system.

Our transportation system is supported by myAIS Enterprise Resource Planner. We use Google maps so parents can specify their location as a pair of altitude and longitude values or place a landmark on Google maps in the online transport application form in myAIS.

Our drivers and route supervisors know ahead of time who is onboard and where they are located for effective pick-up and drop-off services.

Every route has a school mobile phone number. We encourage parents to save this number. Let the route supervisor know whenever you decide to change the transportation plan temporarily or permanently. This will help the AIS transportation crew to deliver better service, however the Transportation Department must also be informed in case of permanent change in your transportation plan.

All routes’ attendance manifests are recorded in myAIS. These records are important for many reasons including safety, hence we urge parents to inform the route supervisors whenever a student misses a pick-up or drop-off leg of the route.

Al-Rowad International Schools