Social Partnership

Practical Partnership with Parents

To ensure that students are having an effective schooling experience, AIS follows an approach that gathers and integrates school, family and community. This method enables a partnership that acts as a means to enhance a student’s academic performance and achievements when competing their school’s curriculum. This partnership enables parents with the training and support they need, for them to complete their role by acknowledging their child’s academic and behavioral goals in a suitable environment.


AIS offers different activities to achieve the following goals.

Academic Goal: to establish a partnership between AIS staff, student’s parents, and local community, which enables parents to take part and contribute in student’s education under the school’s supervision. This can be done by providing the relevant training, technological practice and assigned projects.

Proposed Programs: cooperative work, home education technology, and learning by cooperative projects

Behavioral Goal: AIS, families, and local community must be involved in providing behavioural guidance to our students.

Proposed Programs: Principles of Parenting, behavioral guidance, psychological needs of children, human rights, and dispute settlement

Environmental Goal: provide a suitable welcoming environment, bridging the gaps, and building an effective continuous communication process with the partners that is based on trust.

Proposed Programs: Towards a positive school environment, engaging educational program, and my riyal program


In our AIS community, we strive to collaborate with competent and outstanding professionals who desire to become a part of our staff members. Our staff members are known to not only be exceptional teachers through applying and using their intellectual capabilities, but also having heightened emotional intelligence to incorporate student’s needs. If you feel that your a perfect fit for our job requirements feel free to complete our job application and we will get back to you.

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