Social Partnership

Practical Partnership with Parents

AIS follows an approach that gathers school, family and community to ensure effective schooling experience. This partnership is a means to enhance students’ academic achievement and link the partnership approach closely to the school curriculum. It provides our partners with the training and support required to play their role in realizing the academic and behavioral goals in a suitable environment.


AIS offers different activities to achieve the following goals.

Academic Goal: to establish a partnership between AIS on the one hand and family and local community on the other; to enable parents to take part in student education under school supervision by providing the relevant training, technology and projects

Proposed Programs: cooperative work, home education technology, and learning by cooperative projects

Behavioral Goal: behavioral student guidance in which AIS, family and local community are involved

Proposed Programs: Principles of Parenting, behavioral guidance, psychological needs of children, human rights, and dispute settlement

Environmental Goal: provide a suitable welcoming environment, bridging the gaps, building effective continuous communication with the partners based on trust

Proposed Programs: Towards a positive school environment, fun to learn program, my riyal Program