Admission Procedures


Admission to the AIS is competitive and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • The policies and regulations that are provided by the Ministry of Education.
  • Number of seat availability.
  • Passing the AIS placement test.
  • The completed and filled Application Form.
  • Copy of birth certificate, ID/Iqama and passport.
  • Copy of vaccination certificates (for KG and primary students).
  • All of the priorly admitted school’s certificates. In the case of international students that are being enrolled, they must submit a copy of vaccination and previous school certificates. 
  • Transferred students must submit a financial settlement (non-claim letter) from the previous school in addition to the MoE approval from.
  • Reference letter from the parent’s employer.
  • Two recent photographs.


  • First semester tuition fees must be paid before the end of January.
  • Second semester tuition fees must be paid before the end of May.
  • AIS has the right to suspend access to grades, services, and records unless the tuition fees are fully paid.
  • Tuition and transportation fees are partially refundable. All other fees are non-refundable.
  • Students can submit a petition for refund as per the following deadlines (download the refund request form):

    • Withdrawal before the end of 1st week: 30% of the full amount will be non-refundable, while 70% of the paid tuition and transportation fees can be refunded.
    • Withdrawal before the end of 2nd week: 50% of the full amount will be non-refundable, while 50% of the paid tuition and transportation fees can be refunded.
    • No refund will be permitted after the end of 2nd week.

The Code of Conduct is designed to ensure and promote a productive learning environment, in which education is the centre of student’s daily activity.

Everyone at the AIS has the right to enjoy a healthy learning environment, thus, this code must be respected by all students, parents, and staff members.


Parents can withdraw their child’s file, by

  • Filling the Withdrawal Form (download the withdrawal form).
  • Settling pending financial liabilities.
  • Submitting the following documents (only if Ministry of Education attestation is required): The student valid ID/Iqama, passport, acceptance letter from his new school, final exit visa for the students leaving the Kingdom.

Submit the above required documents to the Admission and Registration Office. The student’s file will be available for delivery to the parent within 5 business days. If attestation is required, then kindly allow 7 more business days for the delivery.

After receiving the file, ensure that it contains the:

  • A school leaving certificate.
  • The complete files, which include all the previous school’s original certificates.
  • The original approval form, that is issued by the Ministry of Education (Foreign Education Directorate).
Al-Rowad International Schools