First MAP® Season | Grades 4 to 8

Dear Respected Parents,

Assalam ‘alaikum,

As part of our continuous improvement process, AIS Management has scheduled another Measures of Academic Progress (MAP®) testing window for the purposes of data accuracy and school-level reports.  There will be 3 tests. Please refer to the schedule below. Our students are expected to take this test to determine their instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in the areas of Math, Reading and Language Usage.  It is important to mention that this test is non-evaluative, but it is vital to measure the progress of our students and the results will be used to improve our instructional strategies.  Your child will receive all the guidance needed from his/her ICT teacher to take the tests on a computer at home.

We are truly excited to begin a new era that focuses on every child’s individual growth and achievement. Partnering to help all students learn, parents and teachers can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our students. 

Do all students in the same grade take the same test?

No. NWEA assessments are designed to target a student’s academic performance in mathematics, reading and language usage.  These tests are tailored to an individual’s current achievement level.  This gives each student a fair opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.  If a school uses MAP, the computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test.

For more information on resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit at Partner Support or login into our website to view the presentation.


The teacher in charge of the tests will create a MAP TESTS COURSE in Schoology to enable your child to access the sessions on the following dates:



Please follow the instructions below to get ready for the MAP TESTS

ActionI NEED TO:How ?Watch Explanation
STEP 1Check my device (Computer, laptop, Ipad, etc.) is readyLink 1Video 1
STEP 2Solve a problem with my screen resolution (Windows, Ipads) Video 2, Video 3
STEP 3Solve a problem with the pop-up blocker (Windows, Ipads) Video 4, Video 5
STEP 4Download and install the NWEA app for my Ipad (recommended)Link 2 
STEP 5Seek my ICT teacher’s help for any technical problemIn class, Email, Schoology
STEP 6Find in Schoology where is my MAP TEST COURSELink 3Video 6



STEP 7See how it looks like taking the tests in realLink 4Video 7
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