Letter to Parents of Grade 12 Students | SAAT Preparation

Dear parents of G12 learners at Al-Rowad International Schools (AIS),

Assalaam alaikom wa rahmatullaah wa barakatoho.

We write you to provide an important update on our learners’ progress in preparation for SAAT. We are glad to share that we remain on track with the previously shared plan. Moving forward, kindly take note of the following:

  1. Pupil participation in weekly SAAT lessons is monitored by our teachers.
  2. Our learners are completing termly progress assessments in SAAT content and question style.
  3. This data is fed into a progress tracker, and learners receive live progress targets.
  4. Our learners will be entitled to a bonus of 10% of the total mark of the subject per term: 5% for classwork participation and effort; 5% for progress in periodic SAAT assessments. The bonus marks will contribute to the final end-of-term report for the learner.

We reiterate the importance of your support from home. Follow-up with your son/daughter, check on their progress, discuss the importance of preparations for these assessments on their university admissions prospects, and remind them to take care of their physical and mental health to be at their best. If you have any queries regarding this programme, kindly reach out to the programme coordinator directly, using the contact details below:

  1. Boys School: Wajeeh Kilani | +966 50 679 5815     |    w.zeid@ais.sch.sa
  2. Girls School: Kholoud Marzouk | +966 57 862 2672     |     k.almarzouk@ais.sch.sa

AIS – High School Administration

Al-Rowad International Schools