Global Warning

Global Warning

You have heard the words ‘global warming’ before, haven’t you? They only look like two words, thirteen letters, so what? I’ll tell you what! These two words alone are imposing a great threat on our beloved home, Earth!

Before proceeding, I’d like to thank (please do note the sarcasm) the factors held responsible for this awful predicament: The increasing of factories, the production of harmful gases and toxic wastes, and us. Wait, hold up, us? Yes, us! We, foolish human beings, are a very influential factor all by ourselves. Why, you may ask? Simply put, we built the factories and wealso caused the heaps of garbage, also known as toxic waste. Harmful gases? Oh, that’s just the result of both the formerly mentioned subjects. You see, it all traces back to the guilty culprits,us.

But every problem has a solution, and global warming is no exception, but you will have to understand the problem first.

As we all may know, a part of the atmosphere called the O-zone layer regulates how much energy reaches us. It controls how much light and heat from this energy is reflected back as well. Now, as more toxic gases pile up, they don’t stay down for long.They float up to become a part of the atmosphere, specifically the O-zone layer. This of course thickens the atmosphere. Can you guess what happens next? Here then, I’ll tell you: When the rays from the sun are still traversing through space, they are more powerful than when they cross the atmosphere, so not all extra rays will reflect back due to the chronic thickening of the O-zone layer. That basically means that more energy and heat is piling up, therefore causing our planet to grow warmer by the minute! Now the name ‘Global Warming’ makes sense, doesn’t it?

Global warming causes a whole lot of inflictions to our planet than we can possibly imagine too. As the planet gets warmer, the ice caps in Antarctica are gradually melting and slowly shrinking. The water will flow into the ocean and overlap onto the land, and I think our planet has enough water on it, thank you! Anyone who owns seaside property now will later on own Under-water property, so unless you find fish and dolphins and possibly sharks amusing, you will be in a pretty bad situation. Soon our planet will literally sink, all creatures included!

Now it’s time for the solution. You probably know the three Rs (Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse) are very helpful. Recycle any paper, plastic, or batteries by dropping them off at recycling centers, or create fun crafts from plastic bottles. Reduce the usage of paper and plastic themselves by using glass or metal cups instead! Reuse glass bottles if possible, or buy reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic ones that aren’t reusable nor healthy.

Yes, it actually is as easy as that, and even easier if we work together, because people have been procrastinating for too long, and that is putting our planet in even more danger! Start now, come on, stop being lazy and join in! The school is also getting us a step closer to ending this global disaster by placing assigned bins for recyclable materials and food remains. This could be a fresh start for all of us, so start now! For more, you can watch the documentary-film, An Inconvenient Truth.

Aisha A. AlShibli

Al-Rowad International Schools