Girls’ World Festival


Girls’ Section- Upper Grade  World Festival

This year we brought the essence of the world to our school. Each class from Gr.4 to Gr.12 has an assigned country and the Students with the help of the homeroom teachers are responsible for showing the country’s cultures and traditions in their classes. Teachers and other students were invited to the classes that has the events and took the audience on a guided tour around the countries.
The first journey was on Thursday, we started with the Far East, China, Japan, Nepal then,North America, Mexico, to Europe, Austria and Albania, and back to the Middle East through Morroco.
It was a great experience to see all the famous places in each country and taste the traditional food starting from sushi, tacos, apple pies and ending with a cup of Moroccan green tea.
On Monday another journey started with the Grades 9&10 IG classes. The students took us to Dominque Republic, Spain, India, Korea.It was another unique adventure exposed to all these diverse cultures.
The Girls successfully brought the taste and smell of each country along with decorating the classes in a beautiful way, the costumes were really amazing with all these colorful lively dresses. The creativity the students showed in setting the classes is eccentric we have seen up till now, tents, spas, Arabian Majlis and even more.
The journey is still on, and still have many other countries and civilizations to see.
Stay Tuned to Al-Rowad World Festival


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