First MAP® Season (Grades 4&6)


Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Dear Respected Parent/Guardian,

As part of our continuous improvement process, AIS Management has scheduled another measure of Academic Progress (MAP®) testing window.  

We administer MAP tests to determine your child’s instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year, and from year to year in Math, Reading, and Language.   

As stated in the second semester school calendar, our students will complete the First Testing Window in Reading and Language in week 2, and Math in week 7.

The data from these tests will assist us in personalizing learning and improving school accountability. 

Please note that these tests are non-evaluative. We will use these results to improve our instructional strategies.  

Please refer to the school timetable to find out more about the testing days & times of your child.

We are excited as the MAP will allow our educators to focus on every child’s individual growth and achievement.  Partnering to help all students learn, parents, and teachers can have a profound positive effect on the lives of our students. 

Do all students in the same grade take the same test?

No. NWEA tests are designed to target a student’s academic performance in mathematics, reading and language usage.  These tests are tailored to an individual’s current achievement level.  This gives each student a fair opportunity to show what he or she knows and can do.  If a school uses MAP, the computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test.

 For more information on resources for parents, download the Parent Toolkit at Partner Support or login into our website to view the presentation.

Best Regards,

Alee Abdul Kareem Kamara

Director of Education and Accreditation

Al-Rowad International Schools