AIS wins 2nd in Kingdom Archery Championship

On Saturday 29/4/2017, our archers took part in the 3rd Stage of the Kingdom Archery Championship organized and hosted by the Saudi Archery Federation. Among the six participants from AIS, Mohamed Yaser, 7C, shot his way to the 2nd place scoring 140 points while the youngest archer in the competition Emran Omar, Grade 3, came 7th. Despite the short period of training they had at school, the archers managed to improve their archery skills in just two months. We are proud of your achievement and will continue to offer training in this rare noble sport.

Here are the scores of the six archers.

# Name Ranking Score
1 Mohamed Yaser 2nd 140
2 Abdullah Al-Asmary 4th 122
3 Emran Omar 7th 99
4 Mohamed Ibrahim 8th 90
5 Abdullah Abdul-Halim 9th 88
6 Faisal Othman 10th 56


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