AIS E-Learning Platform FAQs

Academic year 2020/2021

  1. How will the e-learning classes be delivered?

All E-learning class instructions will include the following:

  • Live classes (i.e. Synchronous) for every lesson and for all the teachers – including PE and Art – using a professional version of Zoom Video Conferencing Tool which is integrated in the Schoology Learning management system.
  • Discussion forum (via Schoology) will be specially dedicated to providing instructions/guidelines as well as responses to student questions/concerns during the live classes.
  • High-quality recorded teaching videos (i.e. Asynchronous) will be uploaded to Schoology every week to facilitate and supplement the live classes. This is to ensure that every one of our students stays connected to his/her teacher and classmates while learning from home in a flexible model.
  1. How will students be assessed on the e-learning platform (Schoology)?

Students will be assessed by the following methods:

  • Short Quizzes
  • Mini Projects
  • Formative (ongoing) assessment via – class work and homework assignments.
  • Weekly CheckPoint Questions – Teachers will use Concept Checking Questions (CCQs) to check for understanding.
  1. How will students receive their Schoology account login details?
  • Parents will receive a text message (SMS) with their child(ren)’s login details.


  1. How will parents receive their access codes to sign up in Schoology?
  • Parents will receive their access code(s) via the MyAIS account.


  1. How will parents check their children’s online learning progress?

Parents can check their children’s progress in Schoology in the following ways:

  • Review course contents and even view graded assignments.
  • Contact the subject teachers via MyAIS or Schoology platform for any updates.
  • Review tests/quizzes and discussion forums.


  1. How can students access their assignments?
  • Assignment instructions will be published through Schoology and the teachers can also provide additional assignments in the discussion forums, live sessions, the asynchronous recorded videos and elsewhere on Schoology.
  • If students encounter any difficulties, they can contact their teachers during the school timings via the Office Hours or simply send a message to the teacher via MyAIS or Schoology platform.


  1. How can students access their weekly plans?
  • Students will log in their accounts on MyAIS platform and access their weekly plans there. This has been the status quo for many years.


  1. How can students ask questions about their online assignments when they need help?
  • Students can ask questions in the discussion forum during the lesson or during the Teacher’s Online Office Hour. This is a specific time of day in which teachers will be available to respond to students’ questions or support with more complex needs/requests than a discussion board may provide.
  1. What happens if a student misses a live lesson?
  • If a student misses a live lesson, the student can ask questions about the lesson through the Discussion Forum and also be able to access the online materials in Schoology (i.e., course contents, assignments and high-quality teaching videos).
  • As mentioned in Q1, High-quality recorded teaching videos (i.e. Asynchronous) will be uploaded to Schoology every week to facilitate and supplement the live classes.


  1. What support is available to help students with learning difficulties?

For KG-Grade 3 Students

  • All sessions will be taught by the homeroom teachers.
  • Students will be divided into small groups.

For Grades 4-12 Students

  • Students can log into Schoology and review the lesson(s) again to master the core concepts through the high-quality asynchronous videos.
  • Teachers will set differentiated tasks/activities on Schoology to support students of different levels.
  • Teachers are available to offer support during the lessons via the live sessions and the discussion forum, and they are also available during the Office Hours.


  1. How will the teachers manage students’ behaviour in live sessions?
  • Teachers can mute all participants in the live sessions (e.g. Zoom) when and where he/she feels it is necessary.
  • They will establish class expectations for the students at the start of the year.
  • Students will be instructed to use the ‘raise hand’ tool in Zoom when they have a query or question.
  • If students disrupt or cause any harm or annoyances in any form whatsoever, they will be given a verbal warning.
  • If this persists, the teacher has to raise this to the respective Deputy Principal.
  • A teacher has the right to expel the student from the session if his/her behaviour exceeded the limits or was extremely disruptive.
  • All students are required to keep their cameras off at all times.

Please note that students should wear their uniform in the online classes; pyjamas are not acceptable.


  1. Will AIS offer any extra – curricular activities on the E-learning Platform?
  • AIS will offer online extra-curricular activities (including Qur’an and Sunnah sessions, and interactive, fun activities) to our students to improve their learning skills, as well as to help them manage their study time more efficiently.


Please note the following points:

    • Ministry of Education textbooks will be distributed to students once the school receives them.
    • Detailed daily schedule will be provided this week which will include lunch and prayer breaks.
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