End of Second Semester Examination Schedules | 2023-2024


Dear Students,

Please take note of the examination policy outlined below:

  1. Attendance: You are expected to attend all exams unless you have a valid reason or a family emergency.
  2. Punctuality: Exams will start promptly at 7:30 am, so make sure to enter the examination rooms on time.
  3. Late Entry: Remember that you won’t be allowed to enter the exam room if you are more than 30 minutes late.
  4. Silence: During the exam, it is important to maintain silence and not communicate with your classmates.
  5. Materials: Bring all the necessary materials for the exam and avoid borrowing from others.
  6. Cover Sheet: Ensure that you fill in your full name and seat number on the cover sheet of the exam.
  7. Writing Tools: Only use blue ink pens for answering; pencils or correction pens are not permitted.
  8. Calculator Usage: Be aware of the specific exams that allow calculator usage.
  9. Breaks: You will be given a 15-minute break between two exams.
  10. Prohibited Items: Remember not to have any books, papers, equipment, or devices that could give you an unfair advantage.
  11. Exam Time Limit: Stop writing when the designated exam time has ended.
  12. Remaining at Desk: Stay at your desk until your exam paper is collected.
  13. Leaving the School: After the exam, please leave the school premises and avoid waiting outside.
  14. Compliance: It is crucial to respect and follow all the rules and regulations during exams.
  15. Academic Preparation: Students are encouraged to study diligently for their exams and seek guidance and support as needed.
  16. Make-up Exams: Make-up exams are typically scheduled to be taken in the second week after the semester break. If a student is unable to attend an exam due to a valid reason, such as a medical condition or a family emergency, they may be granted the opportunity to take a make-up exam. It is crucial for the student to provide supporting documentation, such as a sick leave certificate or official flight tickets, to verify the reason for their absence.
  17. Re-scheduled Make-up Exams: If you miss the make-up exams, you can only take a re-scheduled make-up with approval from the Ministry of Education (MOE).
  18. Consequences: Violation of examination policies may result in penalties, such as academic penalties or disciplinary actions.

Your cooperation and adherence to these policies are greatly appreciated.


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