Summer Reading Programme

For Grades 1 to 6 Boys and Girls

  1. summer reading programmeA video has been prepared about the programme. If you want to watch it, please click on the following LINK
  2. This brochure has been set for you for more clarifications.
  3. The programme includes students from both sections (boys and girls) from grades 1 to 6.
  4. Duration: Summer Vacation (about 6 weeks).
  5. It starts on Saturday June 6th 2020 In Sha Allah. So, the last day to receive the students answers to the stories is Saturday July 18th We won’t be able to receive any answers after that date.
  6. Presents and Awards:
      • Grades 1 to 3, the first three students of each class will get SR 350
      • Grades 4 to 6 graduates, the first three students of each class will get SR 500
      • All participants will get certificates
      • All participants will receive a tremendous support in their English Project in the third quarter of the academic year 2020 – 2021.
      • Parents will get a copy of their kids’ short stories.
      • Many other awards throughout the Coming academic year in addition to the many trips that all the participants will enjoy during the academic year.
      • If you want to participate, please send your email address to: [email protected]

Please inform us about the class your kid is going to study in next year.

Please send your kid’s name to the same email.

Please send the answers at the end of the stories to it, too.

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