Staggered Groups Announcement

Grades 7-12 Boys and Girls

Dear parents,


We thank you for your continued support and feedback during this term as we transition back to physical schooling.

At every step, AIS Management strives to balance between compliance with MOE and MOH directives and providing the quality of education that our parents and students are accustomed to.

As more and more students complete their vaccinations and the numbers attending physically grow, we will be making some minor adjustments to our protocols to ensure there will be minimal disruption to our learning and we can achieve maximum stability for our classes for the full year, Insha’Allah, while at the same time ensuring that no more than 20 students will be physically present in each class on a given day.

Our plan is as follows:

  • Classes subject to these protocols will have an average of 25 students
  • Students will be divided into 5 groups (A, B, C, D and E) with about 5 students in each group.
  • Each day, one of the groups will attend classes online on a fixed, rotational basis,while the other 20 students will attend the classes physically.
  • This means that each student will attend physically 4 days every week with only 1 day being online
  • Classes with less than 20 students will not be affected by this plan and will attend physically every day.
  • The changes will be effective from week 7, Sunday, 10th October 2021 and detailed instructions will be shared for each class.

Our experience has shown that students adjust quickly to changes, especially with parent support. We know that we can count on your help and cooperation in helping us protect the safety and well-being of your children.

AIS Management


Al-Rowad International Schools