School Improvement Plan (SIP)



AIS Overview of our School Improvement Planning Process

AIS strategy is anchored to a simple but bold vision – that is, to be the leading international Islamic school in the world within 3 years. One of the ways that AIS school council is working to achieve this vision is through the School Improvement Plan (SIP), a unique plan, refined annually, that defines our school’s targeted work to raise the academic achievement of every child. We believe that this plan is the driving force behind the theory of change in our school strategic framework. The SIP is a process that will enable us to set SMART goals for improvement, and make decisions about how and when these goals will be achieved.

AIS ultimate objective of this process is to enhance student achievement levels by improving the way our curriculum is delivered, by building a positive learning environment and by increasing the degree to which parents are involved in their children’s education. In order for us to make a real change, however, the process needs to focus on specific priorities. Therefore, we must focus our priorities on the following three areas:

  • Curriculum delivery
  • School environment
  • Parental involvement

For further information and examples on SIP, you can review the attached documents below.

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