Intensive Quran Classes

Quran Classes for KG 3

Al-Rowad International Schools –Kindergarten Department– Is pleased to inform you that there will be a class for “ INTENSIVE QURAN MEMORIZATION ” among KG3 next academic year (  2020-2021  /  1441-1442 )

  • The main objective of this class is for the interested and hardworking students to memorize the entire Quran – in shaa Allah – by the end of Grade.

Benefits Of “ Concentrated Quran Memorization “ Classes :

  1. The students will have the same curriculum of other classes.
  2. There will be a daily one – hour memorization period.
  3. By the end of the first term , students will have completed the memorization of surahs from “AL – Kafron to AL –Tariq”  By the end of  the second  term , students will have completed the memorization of  surahs from “AL – Burooj to AL – Naba’a”.
  4. By the end of Grade 8 , students will have completed – inshaa Allah – the memorization of the entire Quran .

Prerequisites for joining these classes :

  1. Student must have completed the memorization of chapter 30Ayat AL-Kursi & Surat Al Fatihah & Surat An-Nas & Surat Al Falaq & Surat Al Ekhlas & Surat Al Masad & Surat Al Nasr &Surat Al-Asr & Surat Al Kawthar &Surat Al Ma’oon & Surat Quraish & Surat Al Feel  &Surat Al Qadr & Surat Al Teen& Surat Al Naba’a   by a minimum of a 90% Grade in The Classification Test.
  2. As seats are limited , highest grades will have the priority.
Registration is overStarting from registration
(8:30 am – 12:30 pm)

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