Girls’ Section – First School day for grades 4- 12

Girls’ Section – First School day for grades 4- 12
Our Grade 4 to 12 students came back to school on the 23rd of August, the students were welcomed to the new academic year and Orientation sessions were held in the Auditorium over a span of two days.
To facilitate better understanding, the students were divided into groups; Grades 4-6, Grades 7-8, and Grades 9-12
The orientation started with the recitation of Holy Quran by the Islamic Department.

Ms. Jalwa, the school Principal, welcomed the students back to school and wished them a successful year.

Ms. Nawal, the Vice Principal, introduced Ms. Fatima Kharfan, Ms. Farrukh Shoaib, Ms. Asma Alhussan, Ms. Kholoud, and Ms. AlJohara to the students. Students were shown a Power Point presentation prepared by Ms. Farrukh Shoaib, the Academic Supervisor. Ms. Nawal elaborated on each point of Students’ Code of Conduct. She did a marvelous job of keeping the students engaged by using a lighter tone.

Ms. Fatima, the Academic Director, explained the new policy of the School’s assessment plan to the students. Students were shown a power point presentation prepared by Ms. Fatima to clarify the continuous assessment plan of different departments according to grades.

A question answer session was conducted.

Refreshments were offered to the students at the end of the session.

We welcome our students to their school and wish them an exceptional year InshaaAllah.

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