AIS Alumni Club

Dear AIS Alumni

assalamu alikom

The AIS Alumni Club represents a distinguished cohort comprising individuals who have previously attended Al-Rowad International Schools. Its primary objective is to cultivate and sustain enduring connections amongst alumni and with the institution itself. The club offers a diverse array of opportunities designed to facilitate networking, professional development, and social gatherings, thereby enabling members to perpetuate the advantages derived from the relationships and experiences forged during their tenure at AIS. Enrolment in the AIS Alumni Club affords numerous benefits, notably exclusive access to meticulously tailored events, workshops, and seminars that foster personal and vocational growth. Additionally, alumni are welcome to participate in mentorship initiatives, which provide them with the guidance of more seasoned members while simultaneously allowing them to contribute by mentoring current students. Furthermore, the club serves as a conduit for employment prospects and advancement by establishing connections between alumni and potential employers, all the while furnishing them with resources essential for professional development. In its entirety, the AIS Alumni Club plays an instrumental role in fostering a sense of community and perpetual learning among its members. Operating as a highly valuable platform for networking, mentorship, and career progression, it ensures that alumni maintain indissoluble ties with their alma mater and with one another well beyond the conferral of their degrees. The club stands as an invaluable resource for personal and professional growth, empowering members to provide mutual support in their individual pursuits through shared experiences and connections.

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