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It is our belief that all children deserve a quality education. At the AIS we have high expectations in the classroom and around the campus. We instil confidence, discipline and good Islamic virtues into our students’ personalities while promoting academic excellence through safe and welcoming environment.

In the past few years, AIS made big leaps. This was achieved through the hard work of our outstanding students, dedicated staff, active parents, and supportive community that includes our partners in education.

Together we form a strong partnership to ensure that all AIS students receive an exceptional education. We encourage you to participate in school activities and special occasions as well as volunteer in your child’s classroom as your schedule allows. We look forward to continuing to work with you this year and many years to come.

With kind regards !

To be one of the leading international Islamic schools in the world

To continuously improve the educational environment through understanding and acting on the needs and expectations of our school community. To implement advanced teaching methods and technology as well as established good practices, all of which are essential tools that enhance students’ performance. To realize the maximum potential of each student, AIS is not only dedicated to develop academic achievement, but also to nurture physical development, social skills and Islamic values.

in cultural diversity and global awareness, which are essential components of education.
in a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment, in which our students become critical learners and independent problem solvers.
in an advanced learning environment that enhances students’ critical thinking skills and inspires life-long learning.
in a school that encourages and supports both the moral and academic development of each student.
in partnership between school administration, teachers, parents, students and the school community at large, which is fundamental for academic success and achievement.
in each student’s uniqueness, right to learn and potential that must be developed and nurtured in a secure, friendly and caring environment.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for selecting AIS for your children. There is nothing more precious than children and nothing more important than preparing them for the future. We at the AIS believe that the provision of quality education is a long term investment. We never compromise our commitment to provide high quality education and sustained investment to ensure that parents and children benefit from an education of the highest standard.

The very foundation of the AIS is based on its commitment to support and sustain the development its educational infrastructure. This year we made a major investment in improving the infrastructure including hiring highly qualified teaching staff and launching a full-fledged ERP system.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children to the AIS and working together to help prepare your child for a brilliant future.

AIS Leadership Team

The AIS leadership is responsible about joining all forces towards achieving the schools’ vision. Our leaders are passionate about teaching and learning and show great commitment to children; while having great determination in challenging under-performance or poor behaviour. They take an active interest in their pupils’ work and that of their staff. Furthermore, AIS leaders are team-builders. They understand the importance of relationships, empower their staff and pupils and show great empathy. AIS leaders are optimistic, resilient, calm, energetic, outward-looking and positive at all times.

We hire our leaders through rigorous selection process that involves research on the level of congruence between candidate’s talent and career objectives along with the AIS vision, mission and strategic objectives.

http://ais.sch.sa/images/shaikh.pngThe founder of AIS is Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Khalaf.

Al-Khalaf is an educationalist with long experience in establishing renowned educational institutes. In the past he worked in the Saudi Ministry of Education in a number of posts up to the Assistant Director General for Educational Affairs. He made numerous contributions to the national education system. The pinnacle of these contributions was founding Arrowad Educational Establishment in 1990. This endeavour started by establishing Arrowad Schools in Riyadh then expanded to include a number of schools offering national and international curricula in the Kingdom and in the Arab World.

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