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AIS Students Visit Al-Ahsa Governorate

May 2nd, 2017|News & Events|

In cooperation with the Saudi Commission for Tourism, AIS organized a free trip to Al-Ahsa Governorate. Accompanied by school teachers and local guides, 45 students of Grade 7 & 8 enjoyed a memorable time of discovery in this destination. Over three days, the students checked into a luxurious four-star hotel. During the visit, students were [...]

AIS wins 2nd in Kingdom Archery Championship

May 1st, 2017|News & Events|

On Saturday 29/4/2017, our archers took part in the 3rd Stage of the Kingdom Archery Championship organized and hosted by the Saudi Archery Federation. Among the six participants from AIS, Mohamed Yaser, 7C, shot his way to the 2nd place scoring 140 points while the youngest archer in the competition Emran Omar, Grade 3, came [...]

الطالب أحمد ميرغني في تصفيات تحدي القراءة

April 24th, 2017|News & Events|

تهنئ مدارس الرواد العالمية ابنها النجيب الطالب أحمد ميرغني دفع الله بالصف الحادي عشر على صعوده إلى التصفيات النهائية في مسابقة تحدي القراءة على مستوى المملكة. وقد أنهى الطالب قراءة خمسين كتابًا باللغة العربية، وناقشه فيها لجنة على مستوى الوزارة لقياس مدي فهمه واستيعابه. الابن أحمد تنافس مع الطلاب المتقدين من جميع مدارس الأهلية والحكومية [...]

Al-Rowad Talents’ Product Exhibition

April 18th, 2017|News & Events|

During the first ever Al-Rowad Talents’ Product Exhibition, Primary students had a joyful time learning about what their peers had manufactured. The Exhibition featured fragrances, floor/glass cleaners, bedding fragrance spray & cream. The showcased products are offered for a nominal price that will be used for digging a well; supporting an orphanage; and awarding the [...]

The 2nd Saudi Saudi Archery Championship

April 12th, 2017|News & Events|

AIS Archery team have taken part in the 2nd Saudi Saudi Archery Championshiphosted at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium. In the first ever participation, the team of four archers won 3rd for AIS while individually came in the top ten players. The archers are: Mohamed Yasir, Grade 7, fourth; Hatem Bashir, Grade 4, fifth; Fahd [...]

Aquaculture Project

March 30th, 2017|News & Events|

AIS considers that aquaculture offers an effective tool for teaching science and an excellent vehicle for project-based learning (PBL). Aquaculture is interdisciplinary — understanding how it functions requires a grasp of applied skills in physics (like water flow), chemistry (water quality), and biology (fish and plants). The school has created a miniature aquafarm at Gate [...]