Al-Rowad International Schools possess a lot of resources such as libraries, buildings, facilities, assets and more importantly human capital including students, parents, teachers, staff and administrators. To manage these assets in an effective and transparent manner, the school administration launched a strategic project to develop an enterprise resource planner and also acquired access to Pearson’s SuccessNet online resources. The objective is to promote a culture of technology-enabled learning, build durable systems to ensure continuity of information flow anytime and anywhere, and promote excellence at both local and international levels.

Rnterprise Resource Planner
myAIS is an enterprise resource planner (ERP) that contains an integrated set of systems to promote a culture of technology-enabled learning. The systems includes Student Information, Human Capital Management, Finance Management, Asset, Library, and Transportation Management
Learning Management System
myLMS is a Learning Management System with a wide range of services ranging from learning community management to courses and learning content creation, management of learning activities, and many forms of computer-mediated communication. All of AIS courses have pages in myLMS. Login
Online Educational Platform
Pearson SuccessNet is an online educational platform for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. It provides teachers and students with access to a variety of Pearson educational products and allows teachers to organise learning modules, assignments and exams as well as track student success. Login

Teachers are often the first to notice when students are experiencing problems with core academic skills and sometimes those are problems teachers are not able to help them with. Therefore, the AIS provides a number of support services to help students achieve expected competencies in core academic skills. Among these services are School Counselling, Special Education Needs, and Remedial Classes.

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