The AIS is one of the leading international schools in Saudi Arabia. Currently we have more than six thousands active students from  different nationalities speaking 36 languages. AIS has experienced a rapid growth in the last few years which made formulating a long-term strategic plan rather important.

Now AIS is experiencing some changes and wants to reorganize itself for further growth and more customer satisfaction. For this purpose, a new department has been created which will be responsible for drawing the long/short term strategy and this will ensure that both the vision and the mission statement of the stakeholders are translated to simplified plans, targets and processes. This department which is called “Strategy and Operations Planning” or simply “SOP”, together with the help of the senior management team, will have to link the strategy to the operations and will ensure that both the academic, administrative, finance and the operations sections are working hand in hand to deliver first class education at the highest level of customer satisfaction within a well-defined and planned budget that delivers good profit to the company.

SOP has already started the process of change and has opted for a “six-stage” strategic plan (or six focus areas) that works in stages to ensure the success of each of the phases in order to move for the next until the overall plan is delivered successfully.

The diagram below explains these six stages briefly.